Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lunch with Leung Sir

Date: Jan 6, 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 12:00 noon
Place: Chiu Hak, Hollywood Plaza

Thanks to Tam Wing Hung's wife who took the photo for us:
From upper left: Peter Ko, Michael Tong, Donald Lau, Joseph Ng;
From lower left: Tam Wing Hung, Ivan Ng, Edmond So, Mrs. Leung, Leung Sir, Jackson Lin, Philip Chuck, Michael Cho, and Peter Chao joined us a little later.

We had a wonderful chat talking about almost everything we came across. From our past as a kid, to what we did for our kids. We also talked about our classmates, our health, our weight, our eye sight, our fading memory, our ways of doing exercise, and our excuse for NOT doing the exercise...etc.

Mr and Mrs Leung were kind enough to invite us to his apartment for the extended session of our chat, and we were grateful for the basket of fresh strawberries and the plate of fresh fruits for a wonderful gathering.

Thank Leung Sir for the call for Yum Cha and we all look forward to the next gathering around Lunar New Year.

I have uploaded the photos that we have taken in this afternoon to our photo album at (guest password: wyk80) where you can download or upload your photos over there.

Stay tune to this blog and take care.

Joseph Ng

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